Get Your Headlights Ready for Winter

Winter is here in Franklin, PA and that means not just cold weather, snow and ice but also the sun sets sooner in the day, bringing the darkness to our doorstep for a much longer period of time. The sun also rises later and overall, winter means more darkness. Now - more than ever - making sure your vehicle's headlights are bright and clear is important. We can help.

Over time, your Toyota vehicle's headlights can grow dim and provide significantly less light. This is dangerous because it not only provides the driver with much less visibility during the darkness, but it also makes it much more difficult for other drivers to see you on the roadways. The lenses that protect your vehicle's headlight bulbs are made from plastic which can either yellow with age or become cloudy or even scratched up by debris. This will also create visibility issues.

Bring your vehicle in to Allegheny Toyota today and make sure your vehicle gets exceptional Toyota service.

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