Engine Service: Belts and Hoses

As a responsible car owner, it is necessary to do routine maintenance to keep your Toyota running safely and smoothly. A part of your car’s engine that needs to be checked and replaced is the belts and hoses. Here are some important reasons to maintain your belts and hoses:

  • Hoses - Hoses are essential to your engine because they keep fluids flowing to and from important engine components. If your car's hoses are not routinely replaced, then they may crack and leak, keeping vital fluids from flowing to important engine parts.
  • Belts - Belts are essential to your engine because they transfer rotating force to important engine components like the alternator, water pump, and power steering pump. If your car's belts are not routinely replaced, they can break and cause the failure of the engine components they run.

At Allegheny Toyota, we understand the importance of routine maintenance, including replacing your car engine's belts and hoses. Help keep your car running at its best and come down to our Toyota service department here in Franklin, PA and have your belts and hoses inspected.

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