Why Should You Consider AWD or 4WD for Your Next Vehicle?

Modern trucks and SUVs offer enhanced fuel efficiency, power and control. So what makes them stand out for Franklin, Pennsylvania drivers? For many commuters, it all comes down to All Wheel Drive (AWD) or Four Wheel Drive (4WD). While these systems certainly do share their similarities, there are also several not-so-similar aspects to consider.

For example, if you plan to travel in an area that is off-road, you can benefit from either system. Rocks, snow, mud, and sand are no worry to either an AWD or 4WD system. However, you won’t always need to travel over these conditions and a 4WD model could provide the necessary control when you need it and go right back to generally favoring the rear wheels for normal driving conditions. If you’d prefer to have power to all four wheels all the time, choose an AWD model.

AWD-equipped vehicles have the benefit of being low-maintenance, and you won’t really have to think much about optimizing your drive to suit the current conditions that you’ll need to maneuver through. You’ll even be better prepared to make tight corners with reduced instances of oversteer when you choose an AWD vehicle. However, a 4WD model lets you have more control over the gears to optimize your experience.

We know this is a big decision for you to make, and that’s why our Toyota sales team is ready to answer your questions as you explore our new Toyota inventory for your ideal truck or SUV. Contact us today!

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