What to Do When Your Vehicle Lease Ends

Cars, trucks, and SUVs; there are lots of vehicle options available. While many people choose to buy their cars, many others pursue lease agreements that can be more affordable in the short term.

Leasing offers loads of benefits to lessees, although some of the best advantages of leasing a vehicle come in the end-of-life stage of the agreement.

If you are extended the opportunity to buy the car you leased, many dealers will give you impressive discount offers. You could also refrain from leasing anything else, lease a new-to-you vehicle, or extend the lease for a mutually-agreeable period.

Seeking help in navigating your way through your end-of-lease choices? Call Alleghany Toyota and ask for the finance team. Our experts in Franklin, PA would love to take your questions, provide answers, and help you make the best choice for your and your life.

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