Maintain Your Genuine Toyota with Genuine Toyota Parts

If you need a part to make your Toyota whole again, there are a ton of options out there. However, only one promises to meet the standards of quality set by Toyota: original equipment manufacturer parts. Luckily, we offer genuine Toyota parts here at Allegheny Toyota.

OEM Parts vs. Off-Brand Parts
  • OEM parts are genuine Toyota parts that are designed specifically for your Toyota vehicle, be it a Corolla, Highlander, or anything in between or beyond. Off-brand parts are not tailor-made for your type of vehicle and may not work quite as well.
  • OEM parts are required to meet quality standards set by the manufacturer and are covered by extended warranty. Off-brand parts do not promise the same quality or protection.
  • Because OEM Toyota parts are created specifically for Toyota models by Toyota, you won't run the risk of invalidating the warranty on your vehicle when you use them. Off-brand parts, however, have the potential to void the warranty on your car.

Do you need an OEM Toyota part? Visit our Parts Center page to fill out an easy online parts request form. You can also call our Parts Department at (888) 527-8079 or come visit us in person at our dealership in Franklin, PA. We'll be happy to help!

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