What are the Best Methods for Adding Winter Traction?

When it comes to adding traction to your driveway or parking space, do you choose kitty litter, sand or salt? This is the question many drivers are faced with during the winter times in Franklin, Pennsylvania. Each method offers good and bad aspects, which may influence drivers one way or the other. Let the Allegheny Toyota service team help you make your empowered decision.

Salt has the ability to melt ice, which can be thrown on driveways or streets. However, it can be harmful to the surrounding plants and animals. Sand and kitty litter are both good for when you are stuck, and can be kept in your car. Sand is cheap and easy to find, however it cannot melt ice. It is a good option for putting under tires when you lose traction. Kitty litter is a little more expensive, and it turns to mush when it absorbs too much water, in turn creating a slippery mess.

When it boils down to the best option, sand is probably the one to go with for the above reasons. However if you need ice melted right away, salt is the method you may want to choose. Have you found one method to work better than the others, or do you have a special trick to use in the winter?

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